‘This unique one-night only event by And So Forth is probably the most exciting launch I’ve ever been to’

Views From The Gods –


And So Forth is a new London-based company dedicated to making opera and theatre through interdisciplinary collaboration between exceptional emerging artists. Key to our work is an aim equally to honour and challenge the art forms within which we work. By sharing practice, and working together in an environment of mutual support, we believe not only that our collective and individual work will be strengthened, but also that we can bridge critical gaps between creative industries. Please use the links above to find out more about what we do.


Artist Forum: “What Next?”

Our latest forum for artists: a safe space for dialogue about maintaining and developing your craft outside of formal training programmes.


“When we make theatre we tell stories. Each time we tell a story it is different…
It is one thing to tell a story, another to define what the story means.”

– Declan Donnellan

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