“Is that what you think happened between us? You saved me and in return I let you into my bed? That’s the story? Hunter kills wolf, puts girl on horse, rides into the far, far away? Happily ever after?”

Damsel/Wife/Witch was And So Forth’s inaugural show: an interdisciplinary piece exploring issues of 21st Century gender norms through fairy tale. The piece premiered September 2015 at Asylum, Peckham. 

Performed by two actors, a singer and a pianist, Damsel/Wife/Witch was written by a close partnership of artists: a playwright, a librettist and a composer; it exemplifies ASF’s focus on interdisciplinary collaboration and mutual support. Tapping into contemporary debate, Damsel/Wife/Witch explores the nuances of gender identity in a relationship put under pressure when the fun and games between HIM and HER threaten to go too far. 

‘And So Forth have yet again created something which is impossibly difficult to label.’
Four star review from Views From The Gods

‘The public is confronted first hand with the idea that there are different perspectives to the same story and the choices we take determine what we see.’
– Review from Cafebabel

Co-writers: Laura Attridge & Richard Walls
Composer: Lewis Murphy

HER: Danielle Winter
HIM: Adam Drew
SOLOIST: Katie Coventry
PIANIST: Claire Harris

Extracts from the script in development were performed at the Arts Theatre Upstairs in May 2015 and again at the ASF Launch in June 2015.

Text from ‘Damsel/Wife/Witch’ also formed the basis of a recent ASF project pairing seven composers with seven singers to create a unique song cycle, performed at the ASF Launch. You can listen to the live recordings of this cycle on our Launch’s Project page

Photo credit: Marianne Chua Photography.

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